Tuesday, April 25, 2006

yeast for baking

Fresh yeast can be frozen; it's that smelly stuff, that sort of looks like grey plastelina, modeling clay.  If you freeze it, freeze it in small pieces to be thawed for baking, but it's more complicated to work with.
Shimrit has to be refrigerated.  It comes in little packets and can spoil in a week or two, so always check the date.  That's its name in Israel; I presume that there are all sorts of brand names in other places.
Dehydrated yeast has all sorts of brand names.  It lasts "forever."  It can be kept in a closet in a clean, dry glass jar.
Yeast and salt shouldn't mix.  I bake with the dehydrated yeast and these instructions are also good for the Shimrit and the fresh yeast.  First I put the sugar in a large bowl, then the yeast, (then the liquids for the fresh yeast.  When using fresh yeast, you have to wait until it starts to "bubble,)" but for the other yeasts, you don't.  Add some of the flour, and then on top of the flour add the salt and for the other yeast, then the liquid.  Then mix it all.  You can do them all like the fresh if you want.
It's easier than it sounds.

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Esther said...

Easier than it sounds? I sure hope so! ;)

By the way, thanks for asking about my sister. I did eventually answer....man I can't wait til this second job is over so I can blog more. My sister is doing very well, and she gets her last Herceptin (preventative, cuts by 50% the chance of recurrence) treatment on June 9. She is very excited for it to finally end because she still gets side effects. Her mental outlook is good, though she continues to have pain daily. But she'll only get better. Thanks again for asking!

Batya said...

It is easier than you'd think.

I'm glad your sister is doing well, refuah shleimah.