Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Linking education

There's a new edition of the Carnival of Education. A nice variety of posts, but I don't think they fully understood my post, so sore, which is included. As a carnival host, I understand how draining it can be to have to read posts, which, although submitted by the blocker and gratefully received, aren't what you'd choose to read. The blurb for my post is so totally contrary to my stated message, that it's clear that the post wasn't read to the end and wasn't understood. This isn't the first time I've noticed this problem; I do submit posts to numerous carnivals. I guess I had expected a higher level of reading comprehension from fellow teachers.


EdWonk said...

Oh well... we do the best we can.

We did, in fact, give a thorough reading of your piece, which we enjoyed.

In your entry's case, some of the "blurb" appeared to have been "eaten" by blogger.

The problem was compounded when both my proofreader and myself missed the error. Sorry.

It has been corrected.

Batya said...

All's forgiven. It's one of my nightmares when hosting carnivals.

I've found it more "reliable" to do all the preparation in "word" and then paste into blogger, because, as you know, sometimes blogger eats text, and "recover" doesn't always help.

I hope to plug the carnival in the journal for ETAI, Israeli EFL teachers. They want to know what's doing for teaching on the internet.