Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Pesach breakfast favorite

This is a Pesach favorite in my house. I found it years ago among recipes sent to me from magazines or something. We call it "matzah cereal."

I warn you that the ingredients aren't exact.

You need a dairy pot with a cover, ok without is probably ok too, but then you'll need to cover it in the end with a plate or something.

some butter (unsalted)
and matzah, of course; in some countries they sell already broken matza, which is fine, because you have to...

  1. break the matzah into the pot
  2. add a bit of water
  3. and then enough milk to cover, proportion is flexible
  4. then a generous pat of butter
  5. a spoon or two of sugar
  6. some cinnamon
  7. cook, checking carefully until it boils
  8. turn off the flame and keep covered for awhile
  9. then serve--you can add more milk,
  10. and if the public demands, more sugar



Anonymous said...

What is a dairy pot?

Batya said...

For Jews who live according to Jewish Law, there is a separation in cooking and eating between dairy and meat, therefore different pots and dishes.

That's all. Otherwise any pot, with a cover.