Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Big 6 and the Big "S"

Baile Rochel #13

I spent the evening celebrating my friend's "Big 6" Birthday. Her daughters decided to make it a birthday, as if she was just the "little 6." So we all wore pointy party hats and got bags of candy favours.

It was a surprise party. She had called me a couple of hours before, sort of sniffing around about it. I played it cool and convinced her that nothing was up. Boy was she surprised to find me aiming my camera at her in her house a few hours later, when she walked in with her kids. A bunch of us had decorated it all with balloons and stuff, just like a six year old would like.

Then not long after I arrived back home, I walked into my room and saw a "big s" on the wall near the ceiling. I called for reinforcements. My son walked in took a look and said that it was a job for his brother, but his brother wasn't home. So I called in my husband. He arrived with a piece of paper in his hand. AW come on, if a piece of paper was all that was needed, I would not have had called for help! I told my husband, that he'd have to climb; even being over six feet's not tall enough for that. He walked out.

So it was a job for Supermom, of course, what did you think!?! I schlepped the ladder out of the laundry room and set it up as close as I could get it to the "big s." Then I picked up my slipper and climbed. I climbed higher than usual, since I had to reach almost to the ceiling, and I have short arms and not much height.

Very slowly and carefully I took aim. Whahm!! I wounded it, and it disappeared. There was no way to find it, so I just prayed that it wouldn't suddenly show up in my make-up or favorite hat. But I stayed cool, real cool.

About a half hour later, I was back in my room and suddenly noticed him, without a leg or two, on the floor. I was ready in a jiffy, trusty slipper in hand, and @$%W#$ bang! I got him, and then I hit him again for good luck. Finally I got some toilet paper, picked up the remains and flushed it down the toilet.

...and I'm not even 6 yet!


Ann Bar-Neder said...

Batya, I really enjoy your almost daily blogs. I can just imagine you on the step ladder trying to kill the BIG "S". No kidding, but I was stung while sleeping by a yellow spider that is actually grey in color. The pain was unbearable. My son sped me to the hospital (Mickey was on ambulance duty but could not take me because he didn't receive a call from the MDA... men). I was admitted and spent the night with an IV stuck in my arm. So, next time you see a big bad "S", check its color first!!
Shabbath Shalom
Ann Bar-Neder

muse said...

It was one of those horrid-looking enormous brownish things. Could that have been a relative? Was I right to kill it?