Thursday, May 25, 2006

bad way to start the day

I'm tired, boy, am I tired.

Yesterday I must have overdone it, and I'm not talking about burnt food. I was up at five to go swimming, and that's after my cellphone woke me in the middle of the night with a message. The message was that I didn't have a ride to the pool. My neighbor was called in the middle of the night to watch her grandson, so he could become a big brother. MAZAL TOV!

No bid deal, I "tremped" and got to the pool quickly and easily. Then I did a couple of errands, "bought myself some presents," didn't get the cd of the pictures I had ordered, since the store goofed, then met someone for lunch for a "tactics meeting," then went to Ofra the babsit for Hallel and Porat, and then finally to a gorgeous wedding in Eli--MAZAL TOV!, where I saw lots of friends and danced of course. It took me awhile to unwind and go to sleep, but today's a holiday. It's JERUSALEM DAY, the anniversary of the day Jerusalem and Shiloh were liberated in 1967.

This morning, I'll miss my Thursday walk. It's ok, walked enough yesterday.

So, when I got up, a bit later than usual, but not by much, I started wash #2, the first washed overnight, made my coffee, took lots of water to drink, started answering my email, and then I went to finally take the coffee off the stove and pour it out of the perculator. I thought the problem was my stuffed nose. But the gas had been turned off. Our gas supply is in cannisters. We have two, one supplying the gas for cooking and the other as a spare. Yesterday, we had a delivery, since they must be replaced after one empties and you're using the spare. As a safety mechanism, they turn off, close the knob, on the open one. Otherwise if someone is cooking during the delivery, the gas supply is interrupted and resumes, unlit, which has caused gas poisening and death.

I had forgotten to reopen the cannister before putting up my coffee, so there was no coffee when I was ready to drink.

Now, it should be fine; I turned it on. While I was ranting this to you, the coffee began to perc.

I can smell it. Time to drink.

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