Monday, May 22, 2006

Relax--exam day over

Now I can relax a bit. The big exam day for English is over. Israel has a national high school testing process, like England and some European countries. It's call the "Bagrut," which means maturity.

Today the high school students took the English exam. There are all sorts of different levels. I teach weak students, so they took one of the simpler exams. It is necessary to take three written exams, one of which includes a "listening exercise," and there's also an interview.

I teach weak students, mostly. Today my 11th graders, ok less than half of them, took the "B Module," which includes one Reading comprehension and one short, very short composition. I finally convinced the boys to do the composition first, since they have trouble finishing on time. Afterwards they came over to tell me that they think it helped them. I hope they're right.

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