Thursday, September 20, 2012

Internet Security-- Locked Out-- Suspended

Last night I somehow found myself locked out of my own facebook account.  On one hand, I'm glad they're on the ball about trying to keep out security breaches, but, on the other hand, I was the one being locked out. 

my present profile picture
They did offer me a couple of chances to prove my own identity.  I was supposed to identify fb friends in some pictures.  The first picture seemed impossible to know who was in it.  Like most facebook users I've collect or amassed a number of fb friends whom I don't actually know or don't know well enough to greet in the street.  And many of us frequently use profile pictures that aren't quite us.  So how can I be expected to know who's in the pictures they showed me?  So I opted out and took a chance at my identity question.  Somehow, probably a spelling snafu considering the late hour and my brain's limitation after fasting and late shift at work, I goofed that one, so facebook suspended my account.

This morning I saw lots of facebook messages from various fb friends in my mailbox so I tried again.  Thankfully, facebook gave me another chance and actually asked me to identify someone I have known forever.  That was a good sign, and I easily recognized all of the other people I had to identify.  Then I had to change my password.  That is much harder, since now I have to remember the new one and the old one was so simple...

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