Tuesday, September 04, 2012

They Sure Didn't Have These When I Was a Young Mother

The sign says:
חדר הנקה
cheder hanaka
breast-feeding room
I spotted this in the Malcha Mall the other day on the way to the 00 WC near the food court.

Young mothers have things a lot easier than my generation did.  We had to drag chairs around or just find ways to nurse our babies "in public."

When I think back to the things I once had to do...


Pesky Settler said...

It's been there since they built the building.

Batya said...

thanks, Pesky
Considering the age of my "baby," I had no need when the building was new.

Anonymous said...

I love the reference to the "OO/WC." That just strikes me as funny that they still refer to the restroom as the "water closet."

Incidentally, the name "cheder hanaka" is a wonderful way of saying what the room is.

Batya said...

Sheldan, easy euphemism to use. The signs still use it in English here.