Thursday, September 06, 2012

Life's a Challenge, Nu?

We all have our challenges.  Some of us are more public about them than others.  I guess I don't reveal all that much of what's really going on in my life.  That's most probably why this blog isn't all that popular.  I keep too much hidden.

With some bloggers we join them on a roller coaster ride.  That has been Chavi's story.  I'm looking forward to cheering her on, f2f when she joins us living in Israel pretty soon.

A very unexpected story is Superman Sam, the Bima Ima's six year old.  Pray for a refuah shleimah for Shmuel Asher ben Pesa Ester.

Rickismom will always be "Rickismom" to us, even now after Ricki's death.

As Ester reminds us, we feel more comfortable with the familiar threats and tornadoes.

I think you'll enjoy reading those other posts.

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