Monday, September 24, 2012

First Havel Havelim of the Year

We're into new Jewish year mode, so there are lots of firsts, of course...

new HH logo by Paula
Ya'aqov's Esser Agaroth is the host of the very first 5773 Havel Havelim, the long longest-running Jewish blog carnival.

There are three Jewish blog carnivals that I know of.  I wonder if somewhere there are Jewish bloggers who do something similar but somehow have slipped under the our radarA few years Awhile after I became involved with blogging and blog carnivals, I started the Kosher Cooking Carnival when a recipe of mine was rejected from a recipe carnival, because the edition's theme was pork.  At the same time I was also hosting a lot of editions of Havel Havelim and commented that there were so many gorgeous posts filled with pictures, that maybe we (somebody?) should start an additional Jewish blog carnival based on that theme.  The Bagel Blogger, who no longer blogs, took up that challenge and created JPIX.  Now it's coordinated by Leora.

Back to Havel Havelim...
There's a nice variety of posts, even though Ya'aqov doesn't agree with all of them, including one of mine.  We jbloggers are a very heterogeneous group, so don't think that all the posts included are the same.

Happy reading, and please don't forget to comment and share, thanks.

Gmar chatima tova!
Have a wonderful and many, many more!

ps Jbloggers, please participate in the carnivals by sending in links and hosting, thanks.  Information in the linked editions.

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