Tuesday, September 30, 2014

52 Frames "From Where I Stand" and Havel Havelim

I don't know why I'm combining these two internet projects I'm involved with, but here goes.

"From where I stand" was this week's theme/challenge on 52 Frames. Unlike most of the other photographer participants, I didn't want to look down at my feet. I had to look forward, to see where I'm going and what's approaching. I have to be ready to step out and take advantage of all possibilities.

Just a couple of hours after the new week's theme began I found myself standing at a bus stop in the dark of the night waiting for a bus home. I was nervous, because the number wasn't on the sign. My husband was sure it still stopped there. Thank G-d he was right, because after a few minutes it did stop there. And as an added bonus I managed this shot:

And from where I stand in the cyber-world, the world of internet, I'm still a blogger and still believe that blogging not only has an important place, is an important activity. That's why not only do I still blog daily on two blogs, this blog and Shiloh Musings, but I'm very involved in our weekly Jewish blog carnival/round-up called Havel Havelim. And I'm also the initiator and coordinator of the Kosher Cooking Carnival.

Blogging is an opportunity for all who have a message to get across to be his/her own newspaper or magazine owner/editor. The only cost for a blogger is time; that is bedsides the expense of a computer, internet etc. Blogging can be done on a tablet or smartphone too. Blog carnivals turn bloggers into a community or magazine staff. We help each other out by promoting, reading and sharing other people's blogs. And in that way others will get to know our blogs.

This week's Havel Havelim is hosted by Esser Agaroth and is worth reading and sharing. We coordinate hosting on our facebook page.

And, yes, facebook is the "home" of 52 Frames. See, there is a connection! Please check them both out, thanks.

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