Friday, September 12, 2014

Real Rosh Hashannah New Year's Cards!

Decades ago, tables like this one were all over the streets of Jerusalem:

RonAlmog, The Four Species Market

This holiday card business is a lot easier as a seasonal Holiday business than selling etrogim and the rest of the "four species." Just pack them up and sell again next year.

Decades ago, when I first came to Israel, before the science fiction idea of "email" and internet, there weren't even phones in every Israeli home. Cards just like these were mailed, and the mailmen brought them to every building. The boxes bulged with New Years greetings.

This woman is stationed on King George Street, not far from the "old Hamashbir." She's near where Carvel used to be and, yes, across from where Richie's Pizza was. Hmmm... now how can I describe it in today's terms? In the plaza under the steps to Lev Yerushalayim, sort of across from Hahistadrut Street.

The card designs are in the classic style, so why not buy some, give to friends and they can use them to decorate their succah or just enjoy. She also has calendars.

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