Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Collaboration, 52 Frames Photo Challenge

At first I panicked. How in the world do you collaborate in photography? Then I began to understand that the aim is to dream up some sort of photo that can't be done without help.  That I finally realized was possible, but I don't like all sorts of complicated things.

Then I had one of those eureka moments. I bought a bubble wand, which I figured would be more tempting or better bait than a small container of soapy bubble liquid. Actually I had noticed people buying those wands and making bubbles at Rami Levy. So before going to Jerusalem to see my newest granddaughter, I picked one up. I was hoping to get the young father to pose, but then I had second thoughts. Luckily my older son who lives in the same building showed up and was willing to pose. He even kept telling me what I should do and how to take the picture. Real collaboration.

Here's the picture I submitted to 52 Frames.

I cropped out my son and just left the bubble. If you look carefully, you'll see Jean who posed for the "Ginger Project."

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