Monday, September 29, 2014

Almost a Biblical Harry Potter, Boaz

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I must admit that I haven't read the Harry Potter series, but from what I've seen of it this amazing Warrior Prophets, Book 1: Conqueror, Book One of the Boaz Trilogy, part of a series of Biblically inspired fiction is just the book for for those who want a Jewish adventure series full of magic. It's written by Ben-Tzion Spitz, who is the Chief Rabbi of Uruguay and has a wonderful internet sit which includes a blog, at

Rabbi Spitz has envisioned the Biblical Book of Joshua as an adventure story in which he weaves the text, midrashim (commentary) and his very fertile imagination. This is only the first of three books about Boaz.

As most people who study the Bible, I only know of Boaz as the rich, kind and generous, old man who accepts responsibility for his dead relative, Elimelech's widow, Naomi, and widowed childless daughter-in-law Ruth by marrying her. According to the Book of Ruth, she was immediately impregnated and their great-grandson was the great king and warrior, David. Spitz fleshes out that story by making the young Boaz into a mythical fighter with super-human powers. We are first introduced to the ten year old Boaz and then follow his adventures and maturation as a leader. As someone who has studied that part of the Bible, about the period of the Judges and King David, I must say that I can easily imagine King David being descended from such a man and leader, the Boaz in the book.

I look forward to reading more in Rabbi Spitz's series and highly recommend Warrior Prophets, Book 1: Conqueror, Book One of the Boaz Trilogy for Bible and adventure lovers of all ages.

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