Wednesday, September 05, 2018

New Watch, Yes, Again

Here it is:

I haven't had very good luck with cheapo watches recently, so I got one a drop better. At least the salesgirl insists that it's guaranteed for a year. The last two didn't last a year. So this is my third new watch in just over a year, and I truly hope it lasts a lot longer than the previous two. It cost a bit more than I had planned on paying, but the style I wanted didn't come in any color I'd wear.

It was bought in Center 1, which is near the Jerusalem Central Bus Station. I didn't have the time to go all the way into the Center of Jerusalem to shop.


Anonymous said...

Its wonderful!!

I used to buy the ones that suited my pocket.. like made in -China-.. but, having the names of 'Swiss' watches.. ha ha..

they would work for like some 7-8 months... then give up the ghost.. :)

I gave up on watches in the end... since i am more house bound now, and rarely step out. If i do.. well i have a cell phone.. which gives the time...
I know you have a cell phone too, but since you are out and about, for you a wrist watch is really handy as having it on your wrist. Just a glance and you know the time.. :)

Hope yours works for a long time.

Gd bless you , Batya.


Batya said...

stella, on the Sabbath, I can't use my cellphone, so I need a watch. Thanks for the blessings.