Sunday, December 15, 2019

Life in Shiloh, "Getting to Know You" Over The Chopping Board

Last night here in Shiloh was the annual "Get To Know The New/Old Neighbors" event.

Maybe not all the tables/crews used chopping boards, but whether stirring puddings, sauces or kneading dough, newcomers worked with neighbors who had moved to Shiloh even before they were born. Age didn't matter at all when working together to make a quiche, pizza, salad, dessert or...

Master of the "Master Chef" came armed with ovens, cutting boards, knives, pasta rollers, bowls, burners and all sorts of foods and all the equipment needed for our intrepid chefs. A staff of "judges" were assigned to grade the delicacies. I just wandered around taking pictures.

I must admit that the event was much more successful than I had envisioned. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I left as the food was being served and shared to all. Don't think it didn't look delicious; it looked just too delicious for my rather weak self-control.

Shiloh has grown so much in recent years that I can't expect to know everyone. But at least many of those I didn't know looked familiar. In all honesty, I'm glad that the yishuv, town, has  been absorbing many new mostly young families. It confirms that we chose well all those years ago when we moved to Shiloh. Gd willing our wonderful town will continue to grow and expand.

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