Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Thank Gd, Already Seeing Benefits to Pool Workouts

This year I joined the Ariel Sports Center for its swimming pool soon after our local Shiloh pool closed for the winter.

The Ariel pool is not far from Shiloh, and I can usually get rides to and from. The pool, locker room, everything are kept up, cleaned all the time, and I really enjoy the "spa." There are also a sauna and steam room. I haven't gone in the Jacuzzi, since I don't like hot chlorine water.

It's hard to judge how much the pool workout really helps. I don't do regular swimming, just my own version plus exercises. But this week I was surprised, rather shocked, when at the local clinic the nurse said that I measured a centimeter (just under half an inch) taller than last year. That's rather impossible, considering that I'm seventy years old. My guess is that my pool workouts are improving my posture, since I'm not growing taller. No, I'm not at my peak height from forty years ago, but relatively close. Of course, serious osteoporosis is genetic, and it's worse in thin women, which I'm not. I also walk a lot and carry a well-made backpack a couple of days a week. 

Thank Gd, bli eyin haraa, I'll just keep on doing my best. Losing weight is the most difficult, but...

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