Thursday, August 06, 2020

Mango Memories & No Work Mango "Sorbet"

I think I ate my first mango in London.

We were there for two years in the mid-1970's. All sorts of imported "exotic" fruits and vegetables were available in Golders Green. Many were even from Israel. My Cousin Fran from Brooklyn visited us one winter day and brought a big bag of delicious fruit as a house gift:
"I figured that this was the best of kosher food for you, especially since I don't know what's kosher here."
Back to the mango:
Mango, avocado, artichoke and other Israeli staples weren't seen in New York when I was growing up. Certainly they weren't in our neighborhood stores, and my parents were pretty adventurous when it came to trying new foods.

It's not that mango wasn't for sale in Israel. During our early years in Israel, I was happy with the better than in New York standard high quality summer fruit like melon, watermelon, bananas and peaches. Davka, those weren't all that great in London. Imported lost some of the quality I had gotten used to.

I had read about the high healthy vitamin content in a mango so I bought some. They were a hit with me and our daughters, especially with the fussy eater. Mangoes are expensive, so I never used to buy them very often.

Now, when I buy mangoes for myself, I use them to "make sorbet."

  • freeze ripe mango
  • remove frozen mango from freezer
  • thaw enough to cut slices
  • eat
  • One of my sons takes the chunks of frozen mangoes, mashes them by hand or in food processor and refreezes to serve more impressively as "sorbet."

Can anything be easier or more delicious?
Bonus:Totally healthy and no added sugar!


rutimizrachi said...

Thank you for this great idea! I just popped the last remaining nearly-overripe mango into the freezer. I didn't want to force us to eat it when we didn't want it; but it's nice to have a chance to save it for later, and perhaps introduce a new dessert to the Dearly Beloved and me. I'll let you know...

Batya said...

Enjoy in good health. I'm looking forward to your report.