Sunday, October 31, 2004

daily dilemma

winter's daily dilemma
to hang or not hang
that is

to be on constant alert
eyes at the window

dry breeze
or wet sprinkles

to launder
no choice
but how to dry
that is the question

to decorate the house
with towels, shirts
and unmentionables

or risk
a rain rinse

in the fickle sun
to leave the flip, flying fabric
like irresponsible
unreliable children
playing alone
on the merpeset
--balcony, terrace

can the rain
be trusted to fall
away from the wash?
at times more convenient?
like night
when I sleep

yahoo weather
predicts sun
so dirty towels
and filthy cotton socks
locked in the drum
pelted by suds
rinsed and spun

will be trusted
to behave
and to dry
this morning

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