Sunday, October 17, 2004

notes-Learning T'hilim and Kohelet #1


first the father, David, then his son, the inheritor, Solomon, Shlomo
started with T'hilim 30, the first of the "second day"
It's divided into 5 books and 7 days and 150 chapters

not written chronologically
and not arranged by David

chanukat habayit, dedication/consecration of the house
what house?
the beit hamikdash Holy Temple was only built later by Shlomo
his body
writes of once sick now healthy
how G-d pulled him up, like a bucket on a pulley, from the depths
new life

mizmor vs shir
poem, song?

everyone, always, against David
not the favored son
the youngest, sent off with the sheep
not trained as a prince
when Shmuel came to find the brother who would be king

Shaul also fought him

others, later, against Shlomo,
because of his mother, Batsheva,
and how she seduced David
when married to another

David a human hero
did tshuva, repented
then as new

one of 5 megilot, scrolls

Kohelet one of Shlomo's 3 names
(Did David only have one?)

Shlomo, talented and expert in so many fields, insecure
renaissance man
contradicts, makes no sense
some wanted to hide kohelet, because so confusing, contradictory
only approved beginning and end

said things others
wouldn't dare

a search for "osher," satisfaction
admits he tried
all sorts of things
alludes to more, forbidden
but "can't get no satisfaction"

it's all "air"
can fill a balloon, but without the balloon invisible

without imagination and daring
no progress

7 times "hevel"
7 times nothingness
number of nature
days of the week
sun center

(lines 4-7) solid, liquid, gas, fire
there's a purpose
the world keeps going
always motion
nothing new

ended with joke about simple fisherman

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