Sunday, October 31, 2004

updated #3 t'hilim and kohelet, psalms and eccl.

enjoyed this better than previous ones
more text oriented, which suits my mind

symbol of Beit Hamikdash is tshuva, repentence
6-We can't imagine, without experiencing suffering, without the "dark" can't value, appreciate light
7-people who are over confident, claim they can understand without suffering
8- Two contrasting philosophies: Rabbi Eliezer: if I work G-d helps, and Rabbi Yehoshua: I do nothing and G-d helps, both use G-d to prove themselves
11-both sides
10- there are poeople who only learn from difficulties

XXXI- David had lots of problems, under siege. When Shmuel Hanavi called on Yishai and sons, David wasn't there. He was a shepherd and always treated as inferior.
admits no place in this world to hide.
Hard to know if we understand G-d's message

Kohelet, 12-18 in present tense
dealing with, surviving intelligence, high "ceiling" IQ
not easy, problems with world, people are stupid
Shlomo hamellech considered most brillian in all fields

He was a king, and idiot and then a king, but not with all the previous strength and authority
In Shoftim, Judges, instructions for King, but Shlomo always thought he could get away with thing, smarter than everybody
being kohelet was his punishment
for "lihichamek" avoiding, trying to get around things to prove he's better
"le'enot" torture, learning not for fun
no real purpose
no reason to learn

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