Sunday, October 23, 2005

I did it, sort of...

Well, I was the oldest female at the Od Avihu Chai March from Shiloh to Jerusalem. We ended up, after gathering in the Shiloh Cemetery, walking from Waadi Charamiya, where the road forks, east to Jerusalem and west to Neve Tzuf and Ateret, to Ofra, where we had a short rest and pit stop. Then we continued walking to Tzomet Ha-Tee, the T Junction to Beit El, also known as Givat Asaf, named after Asaf Hershkowitz, HaYa"D, who was murdered there. I must admit that I took a ride from Ofra to Givat Asaf, since I couldn't stay in the strong sun, where the wind was blowing my hat so much, it didn't give me shade.

Then we were bussed to the Hyatt Hotel, where we entered the succah to say a quick hello to the Disengagement refugees, temporarily housed there. From there we walked to the kotel, the Western Wall. Yes, we had planned to go to the cemetary in Har HaZaytim, the Mount of Olives, but it was decided that the kotel was more suitable.

Afterwards we had to walk another couple of kilometers to the bus.

We were over a hundred people, and I'm tired. I'll write more tomorrow, G-d willing, as a real numbered musing on Shiloh Musings.

Yes, I really was the oldest female there, though I didn't march every step of the way.

I felt great except for the dry, sandy winds in the first part. But otherwise, I feel fine, thank G-d. I could have gone on further, especially once it got dark. The sun and wind were the only things bothering me.

I guess I'm repeating myself.

Good Night

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