Sunday, October 02, 2005

LICE--The Simple Safe Method to Clean Heads

When I was growing up, lice was something we only read about. Nobody had it in the 1950's and 1960's in Bayside and Great Neck. We read about it in history books and old novels.

As a young mother in Israel, I was more than horrified to discover that sweet little kids in the neighborhood--in my children's classes--were infested. And then the worst possible very own sweet, clean children had LICE!

Eventually, after trying the poisons and potions recommended by those more experienced than myself, I finally found "The Simplest and Safest Method to Rid Hair of Lice." Oh, yes, it's also the cheapest and can be self-applied.

a fine-tooth comb
cheap, ordinary cooking oil
tissues or toilet paper
and three days

twice a day, morning and night, coat the hair with the oil
after each application, comb through wiping the oily, buggy comb with tissues

That's it. After three days of oil, the lice are dead and so are their eggs. Then shampoo, and you're all done, nice and clean, until the next time.

Yes, it's a good idea for the "infested person" to wear old shirts, you don't care much about, as the oil may drip. And there's no need to visually inspect the head and scalp. A thorough combing of the oily hair is sufficient.

Remember that the lice love clean hair. Don't think that your child's infestation is because you didn't keep him/her clean enough. The dirt and oil kill them; that's the principle of this method.

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