Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Disastrous Evolution

It's legendary that animals are aware of "natural disasters" before they occur and manage to hide, to protect themselves. In the past year there have been more than the usual dose of disasters, both "natural" and "manmade."

Here's an interesting opinion piece from the NY Times about how even the animals have evolved in such a way as to be disengaged from the once obvious signs. Last winter even animals, which were once known to be more nature savvy, drowned in the tsunami.

Over confident government officials in the U.S. totally miss-read the situation on the ground, and thousands of people are still homeless due to Katrina and bad planning by the government.

And here in Israel, our disengaged people still are ignoring that Disengagement has endangered the entire country. Kibbutz Saad, a religious kibbutz in the south, is now complaining publicly that they are suffering frequent rocket attacks. They didn't care when Gush Katif was attacked daily, and they didn't care when the good Jewish farmers of Gush Katif were ripped from their homes and their businesses destroyed. Now they are on the front-line. What did they expect?

Did you notice that "Disengagement" and "endanger" have almost all the same letters?

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