Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Big Trouble!

I've been getting into big trouble at work recently. I can't keep my mouth shut. I can't stop complaining about the junior high kids allowed in the Teachers Room to get boiling water for their "instant lunches" or to heat their lunch in the teachers' microwave.

We are two "connected" schools, the high school and junior high, and this is the first year that we are sharing a one and only Teachers Room. In previous years we were separate and rarely met.

I like all of the teachers and respect them, but I can't take the constant interruptions of the kids coming in just as I'm about to start my workday. I'm on a different schedule, and their "lunch break" is during my precious 15 minutes of "Prep time." I admit to being slightly ADHD and hyper sensitive to movement and interruptions.

Besides that I firmly believe that there must be a "separation," a "distance" kept between the teachers and students. The students mustn't be allowed to observe and listen what goes on between the teachers. We, the high school staff, are careful to keep our students out, certainly when other teachers are in the room.

There are things in the room that are not the business of the students.

The school is large enough to find another room to be used for the junior high students' lunches, but then their teachers will have to take turns manning it, and they don't want to. Instead, they are letting the kids in and desturbing us.

I wonder what goes on else where.


Anonymous said...

Our school had a "No students in teachers' lounge" policy. The kids still came in to get their hot water for their instant lunches.

Now we have an inforced, "No instant lunches" policy.

Tough luck on the students!!!!

Batya said...

It means that the parents will have to make sandwiches instead of buying those cups of...