Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It's kosher; it's not kosher; it's kosher; it's...

There are some foods which are considered, by most, to be kosher even though there aren't kashrut inspectors watching all stages of production.

It's generally easier to ascertain the kashrut of ordinary foods, at least where there is an active Orthodox Jewish community. Also, many of the large American food companies have recognized kosher certification, and these foods can be found all over North America and sometimes in other countries.

The big controversies usually involve "hard liquor." Sometimes the same people who are so strict over their meat and cheese will be rather trusting that the booze they like is kosher. It helps to understand what the liquor is made of.

When I went to New York a couple of weeks ago I bought some Johnnie Walker at the duty free, and now it's the subject of debate. Apparently some rabbis claim that you can taste the traife wine that had once been in casks that store the whisky. Now, OK, I admit that I'm no whisky lover, but really, who can taste a hint of wine in JW? Honestly, I can't taste anything in it; it numbs my mouth completely. That's why it's good for tooth aches!


Soccer Dad said...

This is the famous blended whiskey debate, I think.

muse said...

I guess so.

got cholent said...

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