Friday, January 27, 2006

The Very First Kosher Cooking Carnival!

For this first edition, many of the recipes will be from my own blog, but I hope to get many more contributions. The only requirement is that the recipes are kosher.

I'm starting with an old favorite and the very simplest recipe of all, Baked Apples. It has just one ingredient and a spice. Now for a two ingredient recipe, carrot salad. And continue with 1, 2, 3 Cookies.

OK, you really want something more "Jewish," and can anything beat kishke? Thanks to Blog d'Elisson for his easy to follow recipe. I'm going to try it for sure the next time my Tunisian son-in-law comes over with my daughter and the grandkids, though I may try wrapping it with "baking paper." Any suggestions?

And of course, don't forget kneidelach. I make it all year and with all types of soups, even super vegetarian vegetable soup. Another traditional Jewish, at least Ashkenaz, food is tzimmis, a sweet vegetable dish. If you want Jewish food, there must be challah.

Here's a "food diary" and cooking lesson from Blog d'Ellison. It's even illustrated with some yummy pictures!

For dessert, here's the easiest cake recipe, and try this surprisingly simple banana cake.

Now for something special, a real recipe--not a link-- by Yitz (of Heichal HaNegina)'s wife:

ONION BUTTER a la Binghamton

Onions, as many as fit into the pot.
Cooking oil - for those watching their cholesterol, use Canola
Tamari soy sauce
[Time - this is the main ingredient]

1. Put in enough oil to cover the bottom of the pot with a thin layer of oil. This is not deep-frying! Heat under a low flame.

2. Cut onions into slices [first in half, then slice each half]. You don't need to dice them!

3. Place onions into pot, as many as fit in. You will have to stir them for a while at first, but eventually, they'll release enough water to "cook themselves."

4. Simmer the onions on a low flame until they're very soft and BROWN . The longer, the better! Add tamari soy sauce to taste.

Onion Butter is excellent on Challah, pita, any bread, or as a side vegetable dish. It also makes an excellent base for Onion Soup.


Since nobody sent me a good hearty vegetable soup recipe, here's a great one from a healthy food site.

You don't have to wait until next Chanukah to try Baile Rochel's sufganiyot. Think of them as deep fried yogurt pancakes.

It's almost Shabbat, and I must return to the kitchen. Please send me, either to shilohmuse at or via Conservative Cat's handy form, all of your food posts, as long as they're kosher. Recipes, menus and even special food memories and customs.

Shabbat Shalom


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The only recipes I have are ones from other cookbooks/magazines. Is this considered ok, or cheating?

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Just attribute where it's from, and tell us more. Please send me the link for next month's KCC.

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