Sunday, June 03, 2012

Who Said It's Hard to Eat Healthy?

Too many people use the "it's too hard," or "too much work" excuse to make healthy food.  I got 15 kilo (30 lbs) off over three years ago by switching to eating lots of cooked vegetables and almost no carbohydrates.  The weight has stayed off. And a year and a half ago my husband was told to lose weight, too.  He lost even more than I did and has kept it off.  I don't call it a diet; I call what we did a "change in how we eat."

I cook and we eat lots of vegetables.  I even take them the work.  And I found that most restaurants will gladly substitute salads and vegetables for the rice or potatoes on their set menus.  They want our business ($) and if they must make some accommodations, they're happy to do it.

The following pictures will give you an idea of what you can do with all sorts of vegetables when baking them.  These baked vegetables are very impressive when entertaining or bringing as "house gifts" when you're invited out.  My friends expect vegetables from me.  When I bring trays of baked vegetables I know that I'll have something to eat.

The trick is to experiment to see what cooks the easiest and what you like.  I always dribble a bit of oil on top.  You can add whatever seasonings you like.  I don't add salt.  Baked vegetables don't lose their flavor.  They aren't waterlogged.

I bake them in a conventional oven, although they can also be cooked more quickly in a microwave.

You don't even have to slice them.

Have fun and let me know about your recipes.


Anonymous said...

is oil better than salt?

Batya said...

Of course oil is healthy and healthier than salt.

First of all there are fat soluable vitamims that need oil to be absorbed into the body.
Lack of oil makes the food unsatisfying so you eat more and more to feel full.
Salt also makes you eat more than your body needs.