Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Snapping Pictures

Nowadays many people no longer have cameras.  Their phones are their cameras.  And there are ipads which are computers, electric books and cameras, too. 

I take my pictures with a real, ok digital, camera.  Even I gave up on film years ago, but I still look through the view-finder on occasion.  It depends on what I'm snapping.  I shoot pictures the old fashioned way.  I even chose my camera because it felt like a real one

My camera is with me six days of the week.  Only on Shabbat is it left home untouched.  With all the pictures I take, I can't remember the last time I printed some.  I send my pictures far and wide via the computer, the internet.  

Family shots are sent off by email and a few can be found on facebook.  And many other pictures are posted on my blogs.  I'm not the only blogger who posts pictures. 

Quite a few years ago, in the days I frequently hosted Havel Havelim, I commented that with all of the fantastic photo-based posts, there should be a Jewish blog carnival specifically geared to them.  And  Mr. Bagel, who is no longer actively blogging began JPIX.  Now Leora runs it.  It appears a few times a year, and here's the latest JPIX.  Please visit and share, thanks.

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