Thursday, June 21, 2012

Debut KCC on Frugal and Kosher

Frugal and Kosher has posted an excellent Kosher Cooking Carnival edition.  It's her first attempt, but she cooked it up like a pro.  Visit and share KCC and the various posts included.

Kosher Cooking Carnival is a blog carnival, floating internet magazine, that includes all sorts of blog posts about kosher food, recipes, customs, Jewish Law, restaurant and cookbook reviews.  I started it a number of years ago when a recipe carnival rejected my post, because the edition's theme was ham.  I decided that the Jewish internet world needed its own blog carnival based on food, kosher of course, and the rest is history.  Each month on Rosh Chodesh (the beginning of the Jewish Month) KCC is posted by a different host blog.

If you'd like to host one, please let me know.  You're welcome to join our facebook group where we have the latest KCC news.  I also keep jblog news up on my blogs.  Click the tab under the banner.

Next month's KCC will be hosted by Cooking Outside the Box. Please submit your posts using the blog carnival submission form or email your links directly to

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