Friday, June 15, 2012

The POOL!!!

Yesterday, I had one of those "private pool" experiences for the beginning of my time there.  Apparently, I had missed the "rush" the "crowd" of four women.  Later on a few more came in to swim and chat.

Yes, that's why I had no trouble photographing these very modest pictures.

I didn't have to infringe on the privacy, tzniyut  modesty of anybody, because I had it to myself.  Yes, of course there was a lifeguard, a female, of course.

This is the very last year the Shiloh Pool בריכת שילה Breichat Shiloh will look like this.  There are plans to rebuild the pool, including an "enclosure" to make it an all year pool.  I'm going to have to find the money to commit to a founding membership.


Anonymous said...

shame you need the partition which blocks out the stunning view. i could look at views like that for hours.
you dont really 'need' a female lifeguard, just like you dont need a female doctor. i could see why it would be preferable, tho.
good luck with the year-round pool!

Batya said...

A, you're not our rabbi. Please don't tell us what we need.

thanks for your good wishes about the year-round pool.