Monday, June 04, 2012

Skateboarding in Safra Square (Jerusalem Municipality)

There are still holes, bullet holes, on some of the outer buildings in the area of Safra Square.  That's because the area was once one of the most dangerous in all of Jerusalem.  It had been the border between Israeli Jerusalem and Jordanian Jerusalem, and it's just near the Old City Walls, not all that far from the Jaffa Gate.   The border went down in June, 1967, when Israel defeated Jordan and the city was united.

The large impressive Jerusalem Municipality complex incorporates some of the old buildings, which as I just wrote still show the scars of those dangerous times when Israel was being attacked in Jerusalem.

Teddy Kollek was Jerusalem's Mayor then and for quite a few years afterwards.  That big complex was his project.  It rings a large square used for all sorts of events. But it's mostly empty.  I utilize the public toilets there, as I wrote in Pishers' Guide to Jerusalem part 1.

The other day when I was there I saw some kids skateboarding.  It's a great place for that, since there are large spaces and peculiarly located steps.

I'm glad I didn't see any injuries/accidents.  It's a pretty dangerous sport.

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