Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Get Up" From Shiva קומי Kumi

קומי Kumi, Get up

That's what's said to the female mourner to her up from shiva.  Then you're supposed to literally get up and leave the house, at least to walk around the corner.

My mother is now with her old friends and neighbors of the Oakland Jewish Center, Bayside, NY.  My ripped shirt is in the trash.  I've showered and put on clean clothes.  There's a wash in the machine.  Life is sort of returning to "normal."

Why "sort of?"  Well, it's a new "normal."

Mourning a parent doesn't end at the cemetery, nor at the end of shiva, the Jewish ritual of seven days of mourning.

Jewish Law takes mourning very seriously, and mourning a parent is the most extensive mourning period.  It's supposed to last a year.  Other close relatives, a child, sibling or spouse are only halachikly (by Jewish Law) mourned a month.

During the first month for a parent, there are many restrictions, such as no swimming.  After the first month there are fewer.  I'm not an expert.  No doubt I will blog more. Today is doubly difficult because it's the fast of the 17th of Tamuz and I don't functions well without drinking water and coffee.

My eyes keep closing....


Jessie said...

The laws of mourning during shloshim, the 30-day period after the death of a parent or close relative, are also quite heavy, sort of a "step-down" from shiva. After my Mom ztz"l passed away 3 1/2 years ago, good friends gave me several books on the year of mourning for a parent, but asking a Rav in specific situations is always the best approach. Batya, may all your good deeds serve to lift your mother's neshama to great heights in shemayim.

Batya said...

Jessie, thank you
The Jewish world is also mourning the Holy Temple. We've entered the "three weeks" leading to 9th of Av at the very same time.