Thursday, June 06, 2013

Living Out of Suitcases

For someone like me who's a slob by nature, living out of a suitcase is an extra challenge.

Neat people return everything, folding neatly. My stuff is thrown all over the place, while I'm camped out in my nephew's room for a few days.  He's away.

During the day it seems a tornado has hit my stuff, and it's unbelievable that so few things have taken over so much space.  Of course before going to bed, I clear it and make room for myself.  Even I don't share a bed with my clothes and other stuff.

I really didn't bring all that much.  And since the cleaners didn't finish laundering my skirt on time, I'll have to buy a new one.  Yes, instead of yelling and complaining and making a fuss over the fact that my skirt wasn't  ready I just said that "I now have a good excuse to go shopping."

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