Friday, June 14, 2013

Sans Jetlag?

I'm afraid to say it, but here I am just three days after returning from Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona, a week's visit there, and I don't think I'm suffering from jetlag.

While there and now that I'm home, I'm just too busy to rest.  I've jumped straight into routine.  I had a short visit there, only a week, but there is a ten hour time difference.  My body didn't fully adjust to Arizona time.  I generally needed a cup of strong coffee each afternoon and didn't always sleep through the night.  But I did get up on time and pretty much functioned during the day.  I never napped, just dozed a tiny bit on Shabbat/Saturday afternoon.

Now I'm home and studied and worked as usual. I did take a sleeping pill the first two nights home.  But that's it.

I think I'm ok, bli eyin haraa.


Leora said...

I'm guessing you are happy to be home! That's a good thing.

Lorri M. said...

I love the reflections in the photo!

You sound glad to be back in your normal routine.

Shabbat Shalom!

Batya said...

Leora, Lorri, yes, I'm glad to be back. And my boss was nice about giving me two shifts as soon as I returned.
re: the reflections, I'm glad it shows in the pictures.