Saturday, July 05, 2014

Diet Update: And I Didn't Even Need "Control-Top..."

Almost two years ago I bought myself a nice blue dress in my favorite outlet store in Jerusalem. I bought it because the price was right, only about 20% of original price, yes, that's 80% off* and pretty flattering except for a big of bulge that could be flattened down with control-top pantyhose. I planned on wearing it the following summer after at least a couple of weeks of getting fitter in the pool.

Well, last summer started with my mother's death and then no pool membership. Also I kept the Jewish mourning Law about not wearing new clothes pretty strictly. And somehow I ended up gaining a few kilo. I even tried to give the dress to my daughters who weren't interested.

Late this winter I put myself on a regime to get those few kilo off, and I succeeded! And the year of mourning is now over.  So this morning, for Shabbat I decided to wear the dress. I put it on and to my surprise, I discovered that those "bulges" were gone, so I didn't need the control-top pantyhose. Thank G-d!

*I found the tag, and the discount was greater than that. Original price was ns590, and I paid ns69!!!!


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I found the tag and the discount was even better. I'll edit it into the post.