Sunday, July 06, 2014

Adventures in Havel Havelim Land...

There's nobody like Tzivia when it comes to blogging and hosting Havel Havelim. Her latest edition just gave it a shot of energy which it hasn't seen for years. Tzivia is a fantastic writer and not only keeps up more blogs than I do, but she even writes books. I'm really, really glad that she has agreed to host Havel Havelim every few weeks.

Besides including a slew of fantastic posts, Tzivia wrote what she calls her "rant." She calls for a few improvements in Havel Havelim, which are all very good ideas. One of them was actually a condition many years ago. She requests that you send a sentence about your post, in the email to the host. Don't just send the naked link, my phrase, not hers. Tzivia also thinks that all participants should visit and comment on at least two other posts in the Havel Havelim. And she calls for more people to host. I certainly second that!

Havel Havelim is the longest running international Jewish blog carnival in the world. It's a weekly round-up of blog posts about what's happening in Israel and Jewish Life and to Jewish bloggers. We communicate and coordinate on our facebook page. Over the years there have been a few internet sites that facilitated putting up blog carnivals by collecting links sent in, then sending them off to hosts and listing the up-to-date information about the blog carnivals. This made hosting pretty easy, but now it seems like we're on our own. I'll have to start updating the information on my blogs on the "pages" or sidebar. So if you're not on facebook, then you can always send me your links and I'll, bli neder, pass them onto the host, if it's not yours truly. My email is shilohmuse at gmail dot com. You can also contact me to volunteer to host. Subject: HH links or HH hosting or HH question

To summarize:

  • when submitting links to Havel Havelim, please include a line about each
  • join our facebook page
  • you can email me with your links or about hosting shilohmuse at gmail dot com
  • visit and comment on at least two posts, preferably more or all, in each edition
  • share and blog about HH each week
You don't have to be a blogger to enjoy and participate in Havel Havelim!

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