Thursday, July 17, 2014

Fashionably Israeli, Something Frilly from the New York Times

Not everyone may know this but Israel is not only an international center for high tech development, but it's a fashion powerhouse, too. Even the New York Times recognizes it.

The designer Rowan Shaaban’s clothes for Shenkar 2014. CreditRafi Daloya

Years ago I discovered that the well-dressed Israeli is more European in style than American, and now Israeli fashion has come into its own. As my regulars know, I work in a clothing store, Yafiz, Sha'ar Binyamin, and it's not a fancy one. But we, too, manage to put together fun to wear outfits at prices lower than the Shenkar designs and modest when need be.

Clothing I've bought myself in Hagara, Hila and Ronit Takko years ago still looks new. Of course I shop when the clothes are on sale.

Jerusalem's Machane Yehuda now also has great boutiques. This isn't the Israel of the 1950's. Take the plunge and buy gorgeous clothes.


Rickismom said...

I am still wondering why buying clothes makes us feel so good.....

Batya said...

It's like getting a new life. Sometimes I feel like I have saved a life at work when I help choose even something as simple as a scarf.