Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Energy Comes and Goes With Need, But...

But is seems like I'm always tired.

There are never enough hours in the night. Is it just me, or may age?

The funny thing is that when people see me at work they characterize me as "energetic." When I'm moving, I move quickly, but when I don't have anything I must do, I'm lazy.

When I'm busy I don't feel tied...

I eat a low carbohydrate healthy diet. I don't under-eat, and I don't overeat.

I preserve my energy when I don't need it. Maybe I misread that into thinking it's being "tired." I don't nap. If I do, then I can't sleep at night.

I exercise, mostly at the pool in the summer, a few times a week. My job, part-time, isn't sedentary.

Maybe I'm just a kvetch.


Rickismom said...

Maybe due to the heat? Dryness?

Batya Medad said...

Could be. The strong sun also burns my energy.

Schmuck said...

must suck to be such an angry jew