Monday, November 12, 2018

Standing Ovation for Hidden-The Secret Jews of Spain

Photo by Batya Medad
that's me
As I had written yesterday, last night I was one of the lucky ones to have attended Opening Night of Hidden - The Secret Jews of Spain.

Opening night excitement was in the air. Multiple generations of women came to watch what we consider a "Sharon Katz Production." Sharon's shows have gotten better every time!

A few years ago, after hearing too many times that women who don't live in Gush Etzion also want to perform with her, she established The Women's Performance Community of Jerusalem. The Women's Performance Community of Jerusalem does more than grand musicals. When there isn't a big show in the works, there are monthly events where women perform for women, mostly to music. Though last year in the Yom Aliyah event, I performed stand-up.

Standing Ovation, Photo by Batya Medad
Last night, there was a rousing standing ovation for Hidden-The Secret Jews of Spain.

Hidden-The Secret Jews of Spain is based on the book “The Family Aguilar” by Rabbi Marcus Lehmann. Katz, her daughter Bati and Avital Maccles, who also starred, brought the story to life.

Music, production, sets, costumes, acting, singing etcetera were so professional, I had to keep reminding myself that The Women's Performance Community of Jerusalem is only an amatuer company.

An added bonus for me was seeing so many friends in the audience. There were many I've known for over half a century, newer ones I've met more recently in Matan and even facebook friends whom I had never met f2f until last night. Women came from all over the country to see Hidden-The Secret Jews of Spain.

There are only a few more performances, so get your tickets now. Click here to order.

The auditorium was packed. Photo by Batya Medad

Photo by Batya Medad

Photo by Batya Medad

Photo by Batya Medad


Anonymous said...

How wonderful..

Batya, would there be a video recording where one could watch... Perhaps of some Jewish forum or Youtube ?
would like to see it..

God bless you all.

Batya said...

I really don't know. You'd have to contact the producers. Other shows that Sharon Katz has produced had dvds for sale after they ceased performing on stage.

Sharon Katz said...

Batia, thank you for coming and for your lovely words. Gracias.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed our production, Batya! I know you've been following our progress since the beginning. Thank you for sharing your experience with your readers; I hope they all join us in Jerusalem!
For those asking about a DVD...we hope to raise enough money to produce one. People can make tax-deductible donations here:

Batya said...

Thank you both for all you have been doing. Gd willing I'll find some sort of role in the next production. This time I was very, very behind the scenes, cheering you from afar.