Friday, November 16, 2018

Jerusalem Lions Start Season With Big Win 46-0

Here's one of the touchdowns:

Last night was the first game of the IFL season, and the Jerusalem "Big Blue" Lions  totally overpowered the Tel Aviv Pioneers, their opponents in the championships a year and  a half ago. That was a legendary game, which belongs in the genre of sports movies. After trailing for the first three quarters, the Lions awoke with a roar and managed to tie Tel Aviv six 6 seconds before the end of the game. Then in overtime the Lions won their first championship in close to a decade.

The Lions we saw last night played like they did in that fourth quarter of the 2017 championship game. They didn't relax for a minute. Tel Aviv seemed to be missing their great star players from two seasons ago. The league doesn't give out programs that list the players, and the new Kraft Family Stadium's much larger playing field, makes it hard for my aging eyes to read all the names and numbers on the uniforms. So it was hard to know who was on the field.

Tel Aviv played much better than the score indicates. They had some bad luck, such as when halftime came just when they were on their line and close to scoring.

The Jerusalem Lions team consists of some of the most veteran players in the IFL, plus much younger ones. The future looks good, Gd willing.

Gd must love football, because He decreed no rain during and right before the game. The needed winter rain didn't resume until we got home.

Shabbat Shalom u'Mevorach
May You Have a Peaceful and Blessed Shabbat

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