Thursday, May 16, 2019

Should I "Thin" My Blogrolls?

If you look on the left sidebar of this blog, you'll see I have a blogroll, which I call "INTERESTING BLOGS." Over the years, from the time Jewish and Israeli bloggers considered ourselves a community, I've added to this list. And not only do I just collect, but I "visit" and comment on other blogs. I also write up "blog roundups," which are posts that feature posts by other bloggers. My most recent was here, but I usually host in on Shiloh Musings, my other blog.

For many years there was a weekly Jewish/Israeli blog roundup called Havel Havelim, plus the monthly Kosher Cooking Carnival and JPIX, but they've all faded away. My blogrolls have blogs that haven't had a new post for years. Since I set them both up to feature "newest post first," you can see the old blogs on the bottom of the list. Some of these blogs were extraordinarily good. There are some bloggers who blog on rare occasions, every few weeks or months, according to unschedulable whims. Even I've cut down an awful lot, frm daily on both blogs to a few times a week, according to what seems worth writing.

I'd like your input if possible. Could you please look at the blogrolls on both my blogs and let me know which of those "dead" blogs aren't worth keeping, and which ones are worth reading, even though the posts are very old.

Thank you for the help.


rutimizrachi said...

I actually enjoyed that you asked me to scroll through the list. It was, in some cases, a stroll down Memory Lane. So many bloggers became friends; some I miss; others, it is just good to see their names again and remember correspondence we shared. And -- who knows? -- it might inspire me to blog again soon. ;-)

I dunno. My attitude is that if a link gives you, the blogger, any pleasure at all (and if it's still an accessible blog), then leave it. Like any "decluttering" effort, if it means something to you, even nostalgically, hang onto it; but if it is just taking up space, dump it.

Batya said...

Ruti, basically I agree with you, but there are a couple of "one-post blogs," which may not be worth saving. Since you also appreciate the old ones, maybe I should keep them all.

Neshama said...

Maybe omit those with one year and older posts.

Batya said...

Neshama, I may delete blogs that only have a post or two.
The bloggers weren't serious about the commitment.