Friday, March 20, 2020

Corona Lock-down Tips, How I'm Surviving

How are you getting through these challenging times? Corona lock-down isn't all that easy. I'm the type who loves getting out, even if it's a walk around the block. Actually, especially in our rather rural area, in theory I can take a walk. But Gd has decided to continue winter a bit longer.

I had to contort myself to get this photo taken earlier.

Now I'll get off the computer after posting this. Here's my little message and plans:

Even when rain resumes, I'll keep the sun in my mind. It's there, even when hidden. I'll dress as nicely as I can, even though I'm not going out. I plan another walk inside while listening to a class, like yesterday. I'll turn on the heat, so I won't suffer from the cold.

I'll finish Shabbat preparations and take out a cake and challot from the freezer.

Gd willing I'll read another children's book or story or poem at 2pm Israel time.

May Gd give us health and sense of humor to survive these difficult challenging times. I really thank Him for scheduling the corona lock-down after Purim, because all the family came here for Purim.


Ed Greenberg said...

I am working (computer work) at home, so no real changes here. I think I'm getting more done than if I was in the office.

We are expecting 3-9 inches of snow today :(

Batya said...

That's good. I know of others home working, happy not to have to travel. Enjoy in good health.
No snow here, thank Gd. I've had enough of winter, though.