Monday, March 23, 2020

Expert's Response to My Corona Advice Not To Cough in Your Elbow or Rely on Gloves

Immediately after I posted Dumb "Corona Question" About Elbow Coughing and Disposable Gloves, I received a response from a friend who had forwarded it to a corona expert. Here it is:
Indeed! Wearing gloves gives you a fake idea of being safe.. there is an entire, complicated and time consuming procedure to put them on and take them off in a safe way. That’s being applied by medics and was also thought to me during my Wuhan mission but nobody in real daily life knows how to do this, it’s way too complicated! So yes, the neighbor is absolutely right.. wash your hands, often and thoroughly!
The idea of coughing in your elbow is ONLY to be used in a situation where you are surrounded by other people and you do NOT have a tissue nearby.. in such case, it’s safer to use your elbow than nothing or than covering your mouth by hand. BUT using a tissue and ditching it ( in a bin! Not on the street!) asap is definitely far better and should always be the preferred way..
My only question to the expert is:
Why haven't you publicized this? People are endangering themselves and others by spaying viruses around their elbows/arms and relying on plastic/disposable gloves? 

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