Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"Cooked Vegetables"

Most diets allow, even encourage, unlimited cooked vegetables. They are easy to make and very healthy, besides being low in calories. The key to successfully cooking them is a good covered pot or frying pan, covered, of course. To keep the flavor in without having to add salt, a diet no no, is not to use water. Water dilutes the flavor, ends up being thrown out along with most of the vitamins.

Here are a few general principles:
  • start by sauteing onions in a bit of oil
  • add other vegetables in the order of slowest to cook first--that means that carrots before squash and squash before cabbage
  • cover and stir periodically
  • when they're almost soft enough to eat easily, turn off the heat, and let them finish cooking. You can cover the pot with a towel, so the heat doesn't leave too quickly, and yes, keep the cover on.
  • Of course you can use garlic and herbs, fresh or dried and other seasonings. Miso is good, too.
  • I generally don't reheat them, and yes, they can be eaten cold.


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