Thursday, October 18, 2007

More pressure-cooker than sandwich, A Rant

I don't like to kvetch, but that's how I feel.

Too much to do, and the logistics, especially the tremping to work, are getting me down. My part-time teaching job requires full-time traveling without any direct transportation. The one "reliable bus" drops me off at the T junction to Beit El, Givat Asaf, and then I wait. Yesterday a ride came quickly and the sweet young driver even offered to take me to the yeshiva, instead of my walking another ten minutes. But most days I'm there, at Givat Asaf, waiting 10-20 minutes. The place I wait isn't protected from the elements--rain or shine. If I go into the little "shelter" I won't get a ride.

Yesterday afternoon, after I had finished with my last lesson, we had a useless teachers union meeting. When I finally got out and started the trek to the Beit El bus/tremp stop, I could see the sky darkening doubly. Not only was the sun beginning to set, but rain clouds were rapidly gathering. The season's first rain was drizzling down, just in time for us to change the line in the "Shmoneh Esreh Prayer."

I didn't need the extra stress wondering if I'd be drenched or get home dry. I had neither a raincoat nor umbrella nor even a jacket. There was no sign of rain when I had left home just around 11:30am. B"H, I didn't wait long before a car going to Ariel came by. It took me to the Shiloh junction, and there I caught a ride with a neighbor who was nice enough to take me up the hill. Then I walked another five minutes home. The road was wet in Shiloh, but it wasn't raining.

Thanks for listening, and I hope to start visiting blogs when the pressures lessen.


Anonymous said...

I wish you a better day tomorrow
and you probably don't hear it often enough so I will say thank you for helping to educate the children, for they are our future.


Batya said...

I needed that

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
I've been on a rant lately, too, about some of the same things you have recently posted. Being nice. I've drawn my line in the sand, too.

My words to my demanding, nosey neighbor yesterday, "What part of owning a business, teaching part time, taking care of four dogs, a big yard and a home of my own don't retired people in this neighborhood understand?" he back-peddaled. Humph!

Is it because we are women?

Batya said...

People do demand more from women, but it's because we let them.
Vicki, Ooh, you do need a break. You're a busy girl.