Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Blogger's Mazal Tov

The goyisherebbe, who sometimes contributes to my blog Shiloh Musings, married off a daughter last night. Very conveniently for me, the wedding was in Ofra, so I was able to bring my granddaughters to the Chuppah, the ceremony.

It was a very beautiful wedding, held in the Ulpana, the girls high school.
The Chuppah was outside, even though it had been raining most of the day. Apparently, G-d approved the plan, since it stayed dry during the ceremony.
Lots of joyous dancing.
I had planned on trying to catch a bus home, since I didn't see any neighbors with cars, just some teenage friends of the bride and groom. Then I realized that I had just missed the bus. I gathered my things and went off to say goodby to the parents of both bride and groom. Yes, I know both sides!! Mother of the chattan, groom, told me that a bus was about to leave for Elon Moreh and I should see if they have room and would drop me off at the Shiloh Junction. I found the bus and asked the driver, but he said that he thought that the bus would be full. Someone overheard and told me that he was taking a ride in a car and there should be room for me. There was. And less than two minutes after they dropped me off, a ride pulled up and took me to Shiloh. I just had to walk up the hill. It began to drizzle, but it was fine.



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Batya!! I'm really glad you could come with your beautiful grand-daughters!
May we only have nachas from our children!
Sara (mother of the groom!)

goyisherebbe said...

Batya, how cool to have our wedding featured in your blog. The wonders of technology are only wonderful when you have wonderful people behind them. Thanks for coming and may we share many more simchas together. Your granddaughters are really cute. May we soon have your pictures of the trip to the Beit HaMikdash.
Janet and Yehoshua

muse said...

I wish to thank all of you for inviting me to the wedding. Two wonderful families now united. May you only know smachot.

G-d willing we will be togehter for many more smachot.

Thanks; my granddaughters had a wonderful time!!