Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just Perfect!

Bli eyin haraa, shouldn't tempt the "evil eye."

I was at a wedding last night, after paying a shiva (condolence) call. It was the second in less than a week to friends with the same name after the death of a parent. In both cases, the parents had made aliyah as young families, from different places, but in both cases they had first buried children in their "old country." Strange coincidence, and in the past few weeks, so many friends have "lost" elderly parents.

But... back to the wedding and life, Baruch Hashem, Thank G-d. This wedding had lots of guests and was very joyful. It was also the first wedding I can remember in decades where I didn't feel like I had eaten too much. Not because the food wasn't good. It's just that they didn't duplicate, triplicate or quadruple the amount of meals/courses served.

There was a perfectly adequate "reception" before the chupah (ceremony.) It was enough if you were hungry but not so tempting to make you eat a full meal's worth of food. After the ceremony we sat at tables with a very impressive variety of salads which were replenished when finished, and then they served the main course. Recently I've been to weddings at which I found myself eating four meals.
  1. The Reception
  2. Pre-first course, already waiting on the tables
  3. First Course
  4. Main Course

An obscene amount of food is thrown out and over-eaten at most weddings. This one was just perfect!

Mazal Tov!!


Ben-Yehudah said...

B"H Who got married? Where was the wedding? Do you recommend it?

muse said...

It was in Kibbutz Tzora. The menu was great, but I wouldn't recommend the caterer for an Ashkenazi wedding.

Ben-Yehudah said...

Good. Sure once in a while, when made properly, I like Ashkinazi food for nostalgia.

Otherwise, bring on the Yemenite, Persian, and North Africa food!

muse said...

More halachikly complicated.
Sloppy serving of fish and meat/poultry.