Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Promise is a Promise!

The last time I was at the kotel, Western Wall, quite a few months ago, I found myself speaking to the woman manning the booth that lends scarves to women so they'll cover up for modesty's sake at the holy site. She said that they can always use more scarves. So I offered to bring some. And today I actually did.

She quickly added mine to the pile and graciously thanked me.

After I finished praying and saying Tihillim, Psalms, I walked out, and when I did I looked around to see if someone was wearing one of them.

Yes, I found one! It's the reddish brown. I'm relieved to have finally taken care of it. According to Jewish Law, promised, oaths are very important to keep. I tried to find someone going to the Kotel before Yom Kippur and didn't, so I'm really glad to know that it was done.

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