Monday, September 21, 2015

"The Unexpected" Me and "Run," 52Frames

This week's 52Frames theme was the hardest for me yet. That's for two reasons. One was that last week was the two day Rosh Hashanah holiday, when I was very limited in the time I could photograph. And the second problem was the theme, "My Personality."

I just couldn't figure out how to visualise myself at all. I had images of piles of junk, anarchy, balagan = a big mess as it's said in Hebrew. I also thought of a nice sunrise or sunset for "transition." Isn't life one big transition? But there was a horrendous sandstorm in Israel that went on forever and made those usual times of beauty into a grey indistinguishable mess. I also thought of using a photo of my Rosh Hashana fruit head, but then realized that I had taken it before the permitted time.

After Shabbat, in a panic I went through the few photos I had taken during that hectic week and just found some from my late summer, dried out garden.

Even in a dried out grape vine, you can sometimes find some delicious grapes.

the original photo

I cropped the grapes from the picture, and above is the result after changing colors and visual texture. I used the free IrfanView which comes with my rather old computer.

The well-cropped photo-edited grapes:
Unconventional, non-conformist, unique. Well, I must admit that this week was tough. I just couldn't find the right photo, nor much time with a major Jewish Holiday when I couldn't take pictures at all for two days. When I took the photos of the overripe grapes on my vines, I was going to call the photo, "past its prime," or "over-ripe" or something like that to refer my age. But then I decided to play with the colors, and only a grape grower expert would guess that these grapes are from the very end of the season. 
I did the best I could, which in sense makes it the perfect photo to visualize "My Personality!" I did not give up, nor give in. 

The previous week's theme was "Run." As you can see in the background sky, the sandstorm had already begun, and running was not something anyone in their right mind would be doing. And I certainly wouldn't ask anyone to run for me. Many people barely walked out of air-conditioned homes and offices. I was planning on using a timer or clock to visualize "running out of time." But those girls saved me at the Tefilat Chana.

"Running to the Site of the Tabernacle"
After praying at the site of the Biblical Tabernacle in Shiloh, I noticed these girls running and managed to capture them for this week's photo. I have no idea who they are, but from that gorgeous grin you can see here, it didn't seem to bother them that I was taking their picture.

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